The Manifestation – Creating Your Reality

   Our mind is what manifestation our outer experiences. I know that there has been a lot of focus on this idea of your inner thoughts creating your external world. Let’s take a moment to understand this concept. The mechanics are spiritual it is the behind the scenes that create the motion picture of our lives. I talked about the workings of the universal law of sowing and reaping. So my question for you is What type of seeds are you planting in your garden? What kind of harvest are you looking to reap? The same is true of the mind what you tend to focus your thoughts and energy on is what you will obtain. Ask yourself, what have I been focusing on the majority of the time? What are some of your dominating through patterns because just like creating the right habits you must create the right type of thinking because that is where it all begins? It starts in mind; you must first be able to see that idea or the desire once this happens then the idea starts to germinate and grows into a plan of action. Then you back the notion of faith which is one of the most influential forces to create. (Bible verse) The Bible touches on this topic a lot the power of faith, when you have a thought and back it with confidence, then there is no stopping what comes next, and that is an ACTION. You will operate in pure belief in the vision you have seen because you have faith. Your inner thoughts about yourself, about others, about your purpose, will be a direct reflection of your outer reality. Of course, their situations where you may not be able to control, but you can control your perception. How you perceive the world around you is vital to the way you deal with situations you face on a daily basis. Bad conditions will arising but it is up to you to choose what lens you are going to see it through. God has not given us control over anything but our minds that is the one thing we can have complete and utter control over. How we think, if we could acknowledge our thoughts as our mighty steering wheels that can direct our paths then we will gain power and began to take ownership and responsibility for our lives.

Once I realized how powerful my inner world was to determining the outcome of my outer world, my life changed dramatically. You start to look at yourself and others differently. You begin to see opportunity where there was no opportunity before, and then things start to work out where they did not use to work out. Never underestimate the power of thought.

The most potent form of thinking is focused pray and meditation God can use you and your focus to address needs and ministry to people around you in ways you can even imagine that is why it is so vital to have time to focus in and be alone with yourself and God. I have reached a level of success in my life it wasn’t an epic level of success, but it was a level of success nonetheless. I had spent three years studying successful people and reading about successful people because I wanted to learn everything about what it took to be successful. I never thought in a million years that all of the research I was doing would pay off in such a powerful way but not only did I learn about all of the different techniques and mindsets to create successful outcomes but I was able to use this information to help other people find success in their own life. See nothing you do in life is pointless it all leads to experience you can use in the future. I have wanted to write a book for almost ten years, and I never did it. I was always distracted or had other more important things to do until I stopped everything I was doing and focused my thoughts on accomplishing this one goal. I thought about how writing a book would change my life. I need to want to be an author so sorry that nothing else would take precedence over writing my book.  Not only did I need to create a habit in my outer world but I need to create a mental pattern in my inner world. My goals are necessary to dominate my thoughts so fear and doubt could not hinder my mind.

Our minds are our computers, and if used correctly and mindfully we can be directed and train it to create the type of habits and outcome we want to experience on a daily basis in our lives. I did not understand these concept years ago, but once I did understand the power of the mind I was able to start achieving goals I only dreamed of reaching.  Now that I have an understanding I can focus my mind on the result and visualize my goals.