The Canvassing ​Your Mind

“Paint the picture of the life you want to live” BC

   I like to think of the mind as a canvas, every day and even in the night we are painting pictures in our thoughts, and the images we are painting are creating our outcomes. That is why it is so important that the mind is focused on the right things because our thought is building our experience. (…) I use to think that our brains were like wild, untamed animals especially my mind I would jump from topic to ideas and think about a million things at one time. How do you focus on one thought at a time or even focus enough to paint to clear picture of what you what to create and what I learned is that the mind can be trained and put into submission. And this is when real focus and discipline begin. In life you must be focused and discipline. Our minds often wander.. I realized without training and concentrate my mind, I would continue to roam around without accomplishing anything. I wanted to achieve all the goals I set out for myself,  I wanted to do something phenomenal with the time and resource God has allotted me. So I began painting pictures with my mind and being more strategic about it.

I learn how to focus my mind. First, I started thinking of my mind as a blank canvas instead of thinking about what people thought of me or what I was going to eat or wear. I began to sit and imagine and visualize what I wanted. My visualization became more detailed, I could taste it. For instances, when I was working in retail and the store was slow, I would stand there and think about that type of profession I wanted. I would think about networking, enjoying wine, traveling and going to exotic destinations.To the point where I couldn’t even notice the frustration I felt while in my current situation. Visualization can be a form of therapy because it helps you escape. Visualizing is going to create an entirely new life for you, I believe it will get you looking in the right direction and develop the vision to want to work towards. I want to give you a few piratical exercises you can begin to do to aid yourself in visualizing the right things. Freewriting is a great dream building tool, start writing down all of your aspirations and dreams and write down the type of life you want. That has always been an effective way to begin, not only to build upon an idea but to clarify to yourself what you want. I found  that a lot of the time we struggle getting what we want because, well, we don’t know what we want. Writing down your dream life is a great way to understand better what you want and it helps you focus on it. Another way of concentrating your thoughts is by getting in a quiet place and thinking about it. Sit in silence and focus your thoughts and visualize what it would be like to have the type of life that you want. By doing this, you are stirring up a desire inside of you. Once you can see what you want and see it then you are ready to desire it and go after it with zeal but if you can see the vision how are you going to be excited enough to go after it. There has to be an exciting and when you visualize what you want you create excitement in your soul which makes you want to go after it more. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter you have to begin with the end in mind if you know there is a reward at the end you are going to want to work hard towards reaching the goal. On the contrary, if there was no reward and you don’t have a “reason for doing it, then you will lack the excitement for accomplishing the goal. Take going to working or going to school. At times you don’t feel like going to work or doing the school work you instantly begin to think about why you are working or going to school in the first place because if you work you will get paid and you will be able to pay your bills. If you go to school and finish you will get a degree, and you will increase your chances of making more money in your life. Therefore you need a visual to work towards creating a vision board, visualize yourself in the position you want to be in, write down your dreams and train your mind to meditate on them. Those actions will lead you closer to your goals because it is guaranteed to stir up desire which is the key to succeeding in anything.

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