Transcending The Matrix Through a Paradigm Shift

Time to start creating the life you want!

As I spent time in deep thought, I received this message recently, “Transcend the Matrix.” I keep thinking about this idea of Transcending the matrix and what it meant to me. I believe is all about overcoming bad mental programming. I was listening to Nipsey Hussle as he spoke about decoding the matrix in his song “Loaded Bases”. And I was intrigued by what he was saying. I am a firm believer that in order to reach new heights in life, you must have a paradigm shift.

On this journey, we are going to learn different ways we to transcend the matrix and elevate our lives to the next level. Through experiencing, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. I have learned there are ways to start enjoying your experience right where you are. Therefore I want to share what I have learned to help you overcome what you are facing. We all have the power within ourselves to change our paradigm and start creating the life we want. Why not start today and create your new paradigm!

Everyone has access to this elevation and can tap into their inner power to help them overcome the different challenges faced in life. So how do we tap into that power? How do we start living in a place where we can create and start living up to our full potential. I have developed an obsession with the idea of a paradigm shift and creating the life you want. You can do it!

Think about this, how is it that so many people have a vast amount of resources at there fingertips yet they still struggle. Although we live in a highly technological era; we still need to look within ourselves to tap into our power.

Awareness of the power God’s has given us can guide us to higher levels of our experience.

We have all heard that living in purpose is all about finding passion. I want to take it a step further and say it is about living an inspired life, where you are consistently taking inspired action. With that said, you have to be true to your creative self. There are so many people out in the world who struggle to find their creative power because they are so busy trying to fit someone else mold.

One of the biggest tragedies is going through this life and never tapping into your power.

We must be conscious of who we are and what we want. Don’t just do what you think you are supposed to do, instead do what you are inspired to do. What if you took inspired action towards your dream every day, just imagine what that would be like?

Nipsey Hussle said this quote in an interview, “Would you rather be at war with yourself, and at peace with the world. Or at peace with yourself, and at war with the world?” His quote really resonates with me and makes me desire to do what I was called to do.

So Be inspired to do what God has placed in your heart to do.

Operating in your calling consistently will cause you to strive. Understanding when taking inspired action towards your dreams will enable you to cultivate more opportunities.

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