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Gaining Control Of Your Emotions

At times our emotions can run wild if we are not conscious of them. I have learned how important it is to have them under control. Although you cannot control everything that may happen to you and around you, you control how you react to certain situations. 

I am learning is that your emotions have a significant effect on all facets of your life, especially in business or in any endeavors you are taking on. You have to remove your feelings from a particular outcome. You have to stop trying to be perfect or caring what others might think about you and your efforts. It is liberating when you begin to operate in this way when you start to take back control of your reality. 

Your emotions are tied and triggered by circumstances, outcomes, and people. It would help if you learned to detach your self from it all. Not to become indifferent but to realize that everything you experience is apart of the journey. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Do not fear people misunderstanding your matter of fact, do not wish to make anyone understand you. Relieve your self on this—instead, gravity to people who gravitate to you. Surround yourself with people who understand your mission and purpose. 

I heard this speaker tell a story that resonated with me. When a rescue helicopter comes to save people who are drowning in the ocean, they know that they will not save everyone because there is not enough room in the aircraft. So what do they do? They save the ones who are swimming towards them. So why do I bring up this point? I bring this up because many people are chasing or trying to convince or trying to get the attention of people who are not swimming towards them. Stop focusing on screaming help, help, and help! But are not trying to swim to safety. You have to first pay attention to the ones who are ready to be saved. 

Now, why do I use this example? It is because many of us spend so much of our time and energy trying to get the wrong people’s attention instead of paying closer attention to the ones. Who is gravitating to us? By seeing the ones who see you will develop a deeper understanding relationship instead of wasting your emotional energy on the ones who do not see you. These things have a significant barring on our emotions. SO it is essential to gain control over them. 

Now that we have covered that, not how do you regain your emotional control. 

Here are several practical ways to regain control over your emotions: 

Start to mediate 

Read solid books that inspire and motivate you.

Go for a walk, clear your mind. 

Gain perspective 

Start giving your gifts, talents, love, and share with the world. 

Release expectations on the outcome of trying things as an experiment. 

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