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Awakening To Your Deeper Why

As we grow, we become more and more evolved in our journey, things shift and change in the most beautiful ways.

I want to share some recent experiences I have been having on my awakening. I took some time to recharge and step back from the push and grind to reach my desired goals. I started to notice while I was working on different projects, that I lacked inspiration. I lacked the motivation to complete the most straightforward task. I had to take some time to figure out what was happening with me. I wasn’t sure if it was just burnout, or that I was going through another shift. So I stepped back and gave myself time to clear my head. In this time of slowing down, I was able to figure out why I wasn’t inspired. I had stop doing the things that brought me the most joy in life. My motive was off. I started to take on projects and opportunities for the money and the potential of more stability, not realizing that the whole reason for me to be an entrepreneur. Was to discover my passion and do what makes me the happiest.

This blog is all about transformation and growth into the person; you’re supposed to be.

My vision for this blog is becoming more evident to me, which helps me to communicate my vision to others. A friend asked me why I created the Brittinspires and InspirationCups. As I was thinking through my reason behind wanting to do what I do, I realized it was simple to inspire someone to spark a light in them.

But what I have learned is that it has sparked something in me. I have been inspiring on my journey to grow closer towards enlightenment. The connections I have made on this journey have made it worth challenging myself to become even more. I understand that I am creating for a more profound purpose/ life mission. To awaken those who are seeking the truth.

We all have our movement. Some are awake to it, and some are asleep to it. You can go through this life on the same level of consciousness, never wake up to the truth, wearing your false identity, or start walking in your actual reality. Your true self! Many of us are hiding who we indeed are, not realizing that who we are are our greatest assets.

I have learned in my transformation that I have been operating for years in my false self. For years I believed that I had a deeper spiritual connection with God and the unseen world. Yet I never truly understood it. I struggled with depression and moments of anxiety and didn’t know why it was happening. I keep trying to tell myself to be happy, yet I had this abiding sadness that would not go away. One day, I discovered a magical technique that taught me how to disassociate with my passing feelings and thoughts.

Learning this changed everything for me. I realized that I am not my feelings. I then wholly detached my self from all of the negative emotions I would feel. I would instead say that it feels sad, or it feels depressed instead of saying I feel sad. I realized that a happier thought was right around the corner. Then I would meditate or redirect my thoughts.

The trick is to stay in abiding good feelings. As you feel good, you attract more of your desire and less of what you don’t desire. Learn how to manifest everything you desire in your life, happiness, love and wealth! Manifestation magic.

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