Mental Health During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

In a time of uncertainty, many of us may feel a plethora of emotions. So how do you navigate through a new reality when life takes a turn?

When we realize that contrast is necessary for our growth.

We will be able to accept things we are not able to control and redirect our attention to the controllable. In this article, we will cover how to manage to focus your attention during a time where everything is uncertain. It is so important to gain perspective.

Step back from everything and refocus your thoughts. Understand contrast! Contrast defined as strikingly different from the thing you want out of life. For example, you see negative things happening around you. Have you ever wondered why bad things are happening right now? Why would something catastrophic happen? Contrast creates desire! Contrast helps you clarify your desire.

Now, here are some clear set ways to gain perspective and peace during this time.

Physically write it down gratitudes. Doing this activity will help bring yourself into a mental space of feeling blessed. Which will lead to more blessings?

Consume content that is inspiring and will add value to your life. Read books with rich content. Listen to good audiobooks or podcasts that will inspire you.

I encourage you to take media breaks. Fast from content that is fear evoking. Running or ignore content that makes you feel negative. Instead, use that time to reflect.

Eat foods that will give you good energy, what you put in your body will direct your mood and your energy levels. Build your immunity by juicing and eat foods that are rich in nutrients.

Learn new information, take time to learn a new skill or piece of information that will help you improve your self and your life. You can find an affordable course on Udemy, Skillshare, and teachable on almost any topic.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who are empowering and uplifting. Get around those who will speak life to you and encourage you. Get around people who have big dreams, stay away from small-minded people.

Most importantly, take massive action! Now more than ever is the time to pursue your goals and attain that lifestyle you desire. Focus on manifesting the life and experience you want out of life

I hope you can find encouragement and peace and take time to find your heart’s desire and pursue it with your whole heart. Continue to inspire people around every chance you get.

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