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Stepping Into 2020 with New Perspective and Energy!

Escaping the world is self-care, its important to take time to reflect and Understand self.

At the beginning of 2020, I took the time to escape from the world around me. I want to give myself space to understand what direction I wanted to move in, in this new decade. I needed to better understand my mission.

Social Media Fasting

During this time, I did not post on social media. I also limited the time I spent on my phone and online. I took the time to heal from everything that has happened over the past decade. The past ten years of my life had so many changes from relationships to career. These changes took a major toll on me. In order to refocus my energy, I need to take time away.

Listen to rich content that builds you up, books, podcasts, whatever is uplifting.

During this time, I listened to some of my favorites leaders, Bob Proctor, Alan Watts, Abraham Hicks, Kevin Trudeau, and Pastor Micheal Todd, to name a few. I discovered rich content on the topic of money, well being, manifestation, and on abiding in God.

During this season, I was able to define what I wanted and develop my voice. I began to understand that we must not be afraid of sharing our experiences because our experience helps us to collectively build each other up along with the world around us.

Understand Your Purpose and Stop Hidding Your Gifts

In realizing my passion for creative expression in the form of writing and wanted to explore building a community around me that empowers each other. I knew I needed to be selfless in this venture; in other words, I had to stop holding back.

Find Financial Healing in 2020

As I was driving one day listening to one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts speech on the concept of money. His talk gave a deeper insight on the relationship between consumer and product. He explained how money is a medium of exchange. In other words, the currency is an exchange of the energy and value we place on a product or goods.

Gravitate To Those Who Are Inspired by Your Movement

Another thing I learned during my consecration. There are groups of people in the world who will be inspired by what you are offering. Don’t Chase people down, who don’t resonate with you. Everyone’s not your customer and that’s ok. Develop a bond with those who see your movement, even if it’s one person. Give that one person the best experience and make them feel special.

Peaceful dining space with coffee, plants surrounding and a widow.


  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the encouragement!

    2. Thank you will do!

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