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How To Manage Your Time – Avoid App Overload

Living in this day and age is quite convenient when it comes to technology. There are a plethora of resources out there in the market at your fingertips. And as a business professional, it gets even more complicated. I love trying new apps and trying out software that will make my life easier. But here is the issue information and app overload. So how does one stay sane?

Although, I am still navigating through simplification. Here are some ways you can start to eliminate app overload. It is time to gain your productivity back.

You want to start to evaluate and make a plan towards using apps that help to improve your productivity. Then eliminating the ones that either waste time or do not provide value. Remove any apps you don’t use. Streamline the apps you need

Technology Fast – Step away from tech clear your mind
Take some time away from your technology. Evaluate your overall goals in life, both personal and professional. Taking time to think and clear your mind of clutter will help you to clear out your app usage.

Declutter – Delete what you don’t need
Look for the apps that have similar purposes and make a choice to delete the ones that are not necessary. Go through all of your subscriptions. All of your apps on your phone and remove any apps you don’t use.

Think of time management as the management of self and the management of your mind. Technology will rule over you if you let it don’t become a slave to it. You must use technology to your advantage and be the master over your time.

Automate and Streamline where you Can
Apps and software are supposed to make things easier on us and in a lot of ways they do. Think of ways you can automate where you can, especially if you are a business owner.

Email Management
I have several email accounts that can be pretty overwhelming when I have five to ten emails on different accounts that demand my attention. What I have learned from Four Hour Workweek is to set up a time to answer emails. Don’t start your day off with answering emails, instead spend that time on the difficult task. Set aside time in the afternoon around noon to answer emails.

Social Media – Social Media is fun! And can be extremely useful for so many reasons. But it can also be a time-waster. Take a moment to think about your purpose for using social media. Is it to keep up with friends and family. Or are you trying to build a business or community following?
Either way, set time for going on social media and then shut it down. Practice being present when you are around other people engage in conversation and put your phone away.

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