SEO Strategies To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website On-Page​ and Off-Page

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website:

Why is it important to drive traffic to your website? 

Will for obvious reasons driving traffic ultimately will lead to growth in your business. The more traffic you drive to your website, the more visitors will learn about your offer. Allowing you to introduce your product and your brand to a larger audience. 

Also, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more you can test your marketing efforts

Understanding that the more targeted the traffic is to your website, the more insight you can gather on how your visitors are finding your site. Use Google Analytics to gather insight, and then can work on tweaking the user experience to help the user navigate to the right information. 

And as you increase traffic your ranking on Google will increase. The better your ranking on Google is the more exposure opportunities to the right audience. 

In this article, we are going to go over the different ways you can drive traffic to your website. And what are some of the pros and cons of different strategies such as Paid and Unpaid marketing? 

At the end of the day, you want to drive quality traffic to your site, not low-quality traffic. Low-quality traffic will not bring you the results you want to see. Trust me!

Here are several free ways to drive quality traffic to your website that don’t require using low-quality quick fix traffic drivers. 

Free vs Paid traffic

When you think about the different types of traffic you are driving to your website consider if that traffic is staying on your website or converting into customers (if you have an eCommerce or lead gen website). If they are not you might have the wrong traffic going to your site. It is important to know who you are wanting to see your content. Understanding this will help you be more drilled down in your marking approach. 

Here are several ways you can increase your conversions on your site. 

To gain more converting leads, start by adding in CTA’s (call to action) and lead capture forms throughout the site. You want to place these opportunities for visitors to take action in the right places on your site. You also want to provide value by providing information that is specific to what the visitor search. Your site should be responsive and easy to navigate with a good load speed time (Use Google Page Speed to test your site Speed). Remember your goal is not only to convert visitors into customers but to also engage with your audience. Having a slow load time will give you a higher bounce rate. This is when visitors only stay on your website for a short period. 

There are not Quick fixes to SEO

There is no one shop stop for driving traffic to your website. Rather several outlets can help bring more visitors to your website.

Set up online Business Listings 
  • Online Directory Listings – Yelp, Google My Business, Bing, etc
  • On-page SEO – Which is Search Engine Optimization on the pages on your website
  • Off-pages SEO – Driving traffic from other sources, influencers, pop up stores, etc
  • Email – Email Drip Campaigns
  • Social Media – IG, Facebook, etc
  • Online Ads – Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Blogging – Great way to drive organic traffic to your site

Set Up GMB & Full Optimize It 

Google My Business – If you haven’t set this up for your business you want to make sure to do this. Do just set it up, but fully optimize your listing add photos to fill out all the details make sure nothing is missing. Make sure your website and your listing has all the same information and is consistent throughout the web. This will help Google and other search engines match visitors with your content. You will start to see more organic visits!

Check out how to improve your listing now! And Stop Missing Out on traffic. 

Alright, we are about to dive deeper into the different ways you can start to increase targeted traffic to your website.

Do a complete on-page optimization on the pages on your website. Update Alt Tags, Meta Descriptions and create concise but informative meta descriptions letting your audience know what to expect. This might take some time to complete but it is very important to helping you drive traffic. Think of your Meta Description as your quick 2-second elevator pitch.

Now Here Is A List of Free Ways to Bring More Traffic to your Site

  • Online Directories – You can use online directories to increase your online presence and online reputation. There several resources out there that can give you an idea of where your site currently stands. 
  • Build Backlinks – Build backlinks to a high-quality site that has Domain Authority. Domain Authority means that they are in really good standing with
  • Google and other search engines and are seen as a solid resource.
  • Post on Social Media – Post your content on multiple social media sites such
  • an Instagram Facebook and Pinterest. 
  • Include Hashtags – Use hashtags in your social media
  • Use Landing Pages – Landing pages are a great way to get index and show up more on searches. Learn more about Landing pages and sales funnels
  • Target Long-Tail Keywords
  • Email Marketing
  • Guest Blog
  • Get Social Engage with Online Communities
  • Learn and understand your analytics
  • Here are some Paid Ways to Drive traffic to your site
  • Google Advertising
  • Google Map Advertising
  • Social Media Advertisements and Boosting
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Retargeting

Don’t waste your time paying for instant traffic, it is not worth it, either you will get very low-quality traffic.

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