How to Find Your Passion & Start Living A Creative Lifestyle

Tips on how to live creatively

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person. You and I and everyone you know are descended from tens of thousands of years of makers” Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Big Magic. 

We are all creative people no matter what field of work one ascribes to, each of us are constantly creating daily, from making a sandwich to developing million dollar business ideas. The question you want to ask yourself is what am I creating? Is it working on a long time passion, a story or invention? 

The first step to living a creative lifestyle is becoming aware what you enjoy

Here a few ways to begin living out a creative lifestyle while pursuing your life’s purpose! Living a creatively is an amazing journey to embark on! Understanding the pursuit of creative living is not void of risk and challenges. However, as someone who recently made the decision to pursue a creative lifestyle, I have found it to be quiet liberating. 

So what does it mean to live creatively? It’s quite simple, think of it as living in a state of being where you are creating constantly. You may have a full-time or part-time day job or career but you still find your self-creating. I like to consider this as a state of creative flow. When you are living in your flow you are working as you are living your life and creating becomes apart of you. It can be difficult to get to a place of flow and to stay in it.  Some of the most successful creations have been developed in this state of operating in a creative flow. 

Here a few ways to start living a creative lifestyle now! 

Find Your Work Space- in order to find your flow you want to cultivate an atmosphere for it. Find a place like your home office, coffee shop any space where you can focus. Limit your distractions by turning off your phone or putting on the do not disturb. You will soon find your self in the state of creativity.

Know Your Unique Gift- Now don’t get me wrong creative living is not just about being artsy-fartsy it’s about making what you love to create. As human beings, our purpose is to create whether it is art, a garden or a business idea. Remember our creativity can come in many different forms. Don’t sell yourself short! Spend the time to discover what you enjoy the most. 

Smart Tools. Brilliant Results.

We Can All Pursue Creative Living 

Don’t let your day job get in the way- If you are working a job that is not your passion do not allow it to be an excuse for not pursuing your dreams. If you truly love it you will make time for it.  If you are working a job that you love, you will be in a state of creating results and you will enjoy the process.

Find Enjoyment in The Process

One thing I have learned is when you enjoy the process of creating you are able to create better quality work and you have more fun doing it. So that is apart of creative living you are living your life and optimizing your skills. 

Began With Your Gift! know what you are good at, spend time trying out different businesses, hobbies, or creative out lit and discover what it is that makes your soul sing! Typically when you are able to utilize your gifts and passions you are able to live a better quality lifestyle.  

Plan a Way Out of an Unfulfilling Job

  We have all be there here is what you can do In the meantime. Figure out what it is that gives you the most joy when you’re doing it. Now, this may take some work and research on your part but it is so worth. Note: This is the most important step! 

Once you have discovered what it is you want to do start to practice or hone in on your craft become an expert in your field learn everything there is to learn about it. Become a master in your field! As you master your craft you will become a leader in your work or artistry. Read Think and Grow rich this book is extremely helpful in helping you get deeper into creating what you love and it might also increasing your bank account. 

Those are some quick tips on how to live a creative lifestyle

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