How to Liberate Yourself by Creating Passive Income

Passive Income!

I didn’t learn about passive income until my senior year of high school, after my father sent me copy of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as a graduation gift. After reading the book I learned how important is was to create passive income. However, I did not know how, what, or when to start. As life continued on I fell into the work mentality of selling my time for cash after working for companies I loved and companies I just endured; I learn that the end result was the same. There is no way to create financial freedom just exchanging your time for money,  through one source of income. You have to create multiple stream of income through a mix of passive and active sources. One program that has taught me how to generate passive income online is The CB Passive Income from 2017 . IMG_3942

2 thoughts on “How to Liberate Yourself by Creating Passive Income

  1. I have put together a “No-Investment” (besides time) passive income course that I am giving away for FREE!

  2. brittinspires

    Thank you for sharing your resource Bryan!

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