How to Create a Deep Desire


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Having a sincere desire to accomplish the goals is necessary for reaching the end prize. No matter what life hits you with you have to be able to withstand the challenges by having a strong desire to overcome the naysayers. The hope has to come from deep inside of you. If you don’t already have a sincere desire to accomplish your goal, I am going to show you how I developed mine because I did not always have it. It was not until I made a conscious decision to reach the goals I have been aspiring to accomplish for the last ten years. I had to recognize why I even wanted it in the first place then visualize the reward for doing it. You must also discover what it is that you want to do in this life. What gets you excited? For me, it was writing. But every time I would mention to people that I wanted to be a writer they would look at me funny as if it were some pipe dream or as if I could not accomplish it. But out of all things I did I would enjoy writing the most. For me, the writing was an escape from all of the chaos in my life. I found a deep passion and desire to write, but I need to make sure I was able to fulfill that passion with all of the distraction around me. Time goes by so fast, and if you are not focused in on your talent, then you will miss your opportunity. One thing I wish I would have learned earlier on is effective time management. How you manage your time is so vital to your success. Because I am a free spirit and I tend to enjoy going with the flow and not worrying about planning for the future. One thing I had to work on is finding a way to manage my time while leaving room for some spontaneity efficiently.
I am learning that when a person focuses in with desire and persistence, they become unstoppable. Then all of the things that use to derail that person starts to cease. Now the power of passion consumes them and inaction can no longer distract the individual. The challenge that I face for so many years understood how to tap into that deep desire. Everyone would say that either you have it of you don’t it’s a matter of being hungry or not. But for some reason my passion was low, I always felt neutral about pursuing my dreams. Do get me wrong every now and again I would become excited and start making moves to reach my goal but it wasn’t long until I because lukewarm about pursuing them. For Example, my walk with Christ. I would go to church and get fired up and be ready to go out and make a mark on the world then as soon as I get home, I would get distracted, but the stressors of the world or the temporary pleasures and you would go back to a lukewarm state of mind. I realized that to stay the course, you have to be willing to put out work on them. You must prepare yourself for the goal at hand. My walk with Christ only got better when I pursued Him actively when I spent time seeking him and going deeper into my study. It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to continue Christ to draw near to Him. It is the same for our passion and our desire. The people who have a sincere desire cultivated it. The thing about the human mind is that it is capable of trained and lead in the direction we wish for it. Our brains are natural. There are not real reliable stands that will keep us from reach the outcome we desire. The only thing that will stand in the way of that is our lack of self-control and discipline.
Noall of us wake up in the morning with a burning desire to do anything but maybe eat. People train themselves to have that type of resolve to finish a project with zeal and passion. My father uses to tell that our minds were just like computers and we can program our laptop with anything we would like. Although I believed that to be true, it took me several years to understand it and put it into practice. With anything, you have to train yourself, and with the sincere desire, you have to prepare your mind to want something wrong enough to work hard enough to attain it. When I think about it even in the arena of love people, train themselves to be infatuated with another person. How? By thinking about them all the time by putting emotion behind it and making it stronger and stronger every time they encounter them. That is how they develop deep emotionalized feelings for another person. Yes, there are mechanics of love. So the next question I have for you so what are you think about throughout the day where are you focused. What even you dwell on is what you will become so, therefore, focus your mind on the desire in your heart. The thing that has been placed in our hearts to do on this earth through the course of the life given unto us.
Here are some practical steps to cultivating a more profound more profound desire to pursue your dreams. First, define what it is you desire to accomplish and be detailed and how you intended to achieve it. Then memorized it by reviewing it daily. Figure out what you want it what will you receive from accomplishing this goal. What will you need to reach this goal? What do you need to give up to achieve your goal? Surround yourself in an environment where you can grow. Examine your core group of people and spend more time with people who want to see you become and have what you want to achieve.
How to find that deep desire? Most people are usually motivated when their back is against the wall, and they have no choice but to strive for their goal. I am currently in a situation where I have to choose if I am going to go all in on my dream or settle for a Job. The logical thing to do would be to get a job. However, I believe I can make a lot more money if I went the route of starting my own business, but I would have to give it my all. I mean I have to be willing to sacrifice and stay in my workflow. Flow is so, and once you are in that zone you are unstoppable, but once you fall out of the current, then it becomes more difficult to get back into it. I relate it to writing a paper for school when you first start it is a daunting task but once you are in your flow and you have your topic all mapped out you began to tap into your stream. This chapter I want to talk about current and how to maintain it. My goal right now is to tap into the flow and stay in it. I realized the most fulfillment came when I am in this state of mind because nothing affects me and I see the results I wanted. I have taken the time to focus on and realize what it is that I want out of life. Now for the next two months, I will be focused on building the lifestyle of my dreams. For the past three years, I have done e I wanted to do, and I loved every second of it. Now I am going to continue to do just that. I am making up in my mind that it is possible to make the kind of money I need to make with my business ventures. I have to be hundred percent committed. Success is a mentality it is a way of life. I have also learned the importance of having everything else intact, health, fitness, mental, and you can not neglect these factors.
I am giving myself a 30-day challenge to see what I can do in a month to generate money. I wanted to include this exercise because I wanted to first test it out in my own life before I recommended for some else’s life. My thought is for the next 30 days I am going to devote a hundred percent of my energy to making an income.

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