How to Stay Focused & Overcome Distractions

Pure focus is something many people struggle with in their everyday lives. With the number of distraction that happen and the decreasing attention spans. Many have found the ability to focus and stay focused increasingly difficult. There are several ways to overcome this challenge by applying a few of the following principle. Silence yourself and your surroundings, find your why/reason, ignore negativity thoughts, get to work. These principles have helped me to push through distractions and accomplish any task.

Silencing your self is the foremost important principle because of all of the noise within yourself. You have to come to a place where you can clear your mind of all of the clutter and begging refocusing on what is going to create progress in your life. I learn the process of learning, there are actually four steps to learning and mastering anything. I remember when I was younger I always believed that there were smart people and people who were slow. I thought smart people were smart because they had this special gift. Not realizing that smart people are smart because they have trained themselves to be smart. Sure there are some real geniuses out there but most intelligent people train themselves and build on their intelligence.  Learning the process to competence changed my life and helped me realize the importance of mastering my craft.

Many times we allow ourselves to become distracted because we don’ believe in our ability to successfully complete a task. Understanding the different levels of competence and work flow, anyone can develop the skills to learn and complete any task. These are the levels of competence; incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence. Understanding that you are capable of mastering anything you put your mind to using this technique is so liberating. It frees you from the limiting thoughts of some people are smart have and some people aren’t as smart. It reminds you that hard works out works talent any day. By putting this technique into play and having pure focus you can master anything.

Stop talking about it! In life you must show more than you talk. I learn this concept within my relationship and in the business world. You cannot focus if you’re always talking, talking, talking. This is a part of silencing yourself and focusing your mind on the goal. Understand that your action truly speak louder than your words. Once I silence myself and began working in behind the scene people started to notice. Traction starts to happen in your life and the next thing you know you have reach your goal. Don’t get distracted by talking about what your going to do our what you want to do; instead close your mouth and focus in on what you’re really supposed to be doing, which is producing. Next thing you know you will be well on your way to reaching your goals and accomplishing what you have set out to accomplish.

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