Rise Above the Challenge!


We all face challenges in life. Some are major obstacles others can be small adjustments. Either way, it is vital that the challenge placed in front of you becomes a means for growth, producing endurance and strength. How do you address challenges when they arise? Do you shrink or do you rise to the occasion? Here are some ways to overcome challenges in your day to day life:

  1. Look at a challenge not as a major setback or impossible to overcome; instead see it as an opportunity for growth, a chance to learn something new. When you are comfortable you are not growing. You should strive to be uncomfortable because this is where you are stretched. That’s when greatness is being produced within you.
  2. View challenges as a prelude to something amazing. When things get uncomfortable or extremely challenging that just means something great is right around the corner. Prepare yourself for the win because it’s coming! So long as you don’t allow your fear or discouragement paralyze you.
  3. See challenges as a game. Life is like a game mentally and physically. Make it fun and push yourself to excel to the next level of greatness. Find creative ways to overcome the obstacle in front of you.
  4. Have a winner’s mentality. Don’t let defeat, defeat you. Be relentless in your approach and never accept unfavorable circumstances.

Keep in mind life is truly what you make it and there with be challenges that will present themselves, however you have the choice. The following statement sums up my point, “Life is not about how hard you get knocked down but how hard you get knocked down and get back up”. Stay the course and continue to aspire to be great in every aspect of your life!


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