Game Plan for Achieving Clarity of Existence:

Today I wanted to share some practical information on how to define your life’s goal.
Here is a fun exercise to clarifying your goals in life: It will help you gain some clarity on your direction and also help you answer the who, what and why.
Who am I?
I am a creative dreamer with an entrepreneur spirit.
Why are you here?
To inspire other individuals
Mission: What is your specific assignment? What were you born to do? What makes you feel the most alive? What is the one thing you hope to be remembered for? And what are you doing today to make sure that you are remembered for it?
My specific assignment is to use what I have to create opportunities for others through communication, business, speaking, and inspiration. Helping others find clarity and direction makes me feel the most alive. I want to be remembered for the number of lives I impacted. Today I am building a website called Brittinspires.com which is aim to inspire individuals all over the world.
Vision: What does the accomplishment of your mission look like? What are the tactics you will employ?
My accomplishment looks like doing presentations to large groups, hosting events, coaching, publishing books, and running a successful business.
Values: What characteristics do you value the most?
Honestly, business ethics, hard work, innovation, creativity, passion, kindness and respect for others.
Goals: What are your specific objectives, both strategic and tactical? What is your timeline to accomplish these goals?
To be passionate and thrive in my business
To build lasting strong relationships professionally and personally
To invest in the personal development of myself and others
To operate at a high level with limitless possibilities
To live beyond cultural barriers
To innovate and take a creative approach to problem-solving

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