Give Affirmations a Try

Britt2I always thought saying affirmations was a silly way to cheer yourself up. I could not say affirmations I just felt so silly doing it. When I found out that I had a health condition that would require an intensive surgery, I felt discouraged and helpless to the situation. I was bothered so deeply and no one could really understand my frustration. At time I found myself thinking about having to go through a surgery and not being able to do anything about my condition on my own. I stumbled across this quote by Doctor Emile Coue in Geneva he would tell his patients to say “Every day and in every way I’m feeling better and better”. I started to say this to myself and sure enough my episode of sadness fled from me and I immediately felt better and in control of the situation I was facing. Many times in our life we face things that are frustrating and hurtful but we have to affirm ourselves and remind ourselves there are solutions and we do not have to be victims.

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