How to Approach Day to Day Stresses with Clarity and Objectivity.

Brittney1How to Approach Day to Day Stresses with Clarity and Objectivity

“I must Lose My Self in action lest I wither in despair”, said Tennyson after the death of his best friend, Arthur Hallam. As human beings, we will enviably experience stress. Whether they are a minor annoyance or catastrophic tragedies. Either way, we will experience stress, so if this is something we all have to face on the day to day, how can we approach it with calmness and clarity? How do we deal with these unexpected curve balls that seem to detour our plans? In this article, it is my goal to give you step by step solutions to solving the stress management dilemma. Before I go into the list of do’s and don’t let me first say that your reaction to a stressful situation is completed in your control and you must first begin by taking full responsibility for your actions. The way you choose to address the stressors in your life are completely up to you. There will always be difficult people who cause stress in your life and there will always be trials that catch you off guard. The trick is to know you choose your reaction:

#1 Manage the issue you have one day at a time- Do what you can at the moment to resolve the conflict, challenge or setback. Don’t become so overwhelmed by the situations that have not happened yet because you don’t know how everything will pan out.

#2 As Brian Tracy Calls it, to be a “Worry Buster”- I love this one because it is all about overcome a challenge with ACTION. Find solutions and act on them immediately it will not only take your mind off of worrying but it will also solve the problem.

#3 Live your Life with Meaning and Purpose- Set goals! Goal setting his is something that is extremely valuable. You must know where you are going in order to have any direction and by having goals you will be increasingly happy.

#4 Complete Unfinished Work- One of the biggest stressors in life is not completing a task or a goal. Don’t allow a goal of plan linger because of procrastination, it will leave you feeling very unhappy.

#5 Stop Letting Fear Stop You- I talk about this a lot, people who are afraid of doing what will make them the happiest have suffered from inaction, their fear stagnates them. Stop being afraid and face your fears. Do everything in your power to become what you know you are capable of becoming.

#6 Take Control! Stop blaming others for your stress and realize that it is 1000% up to you to be happy and fulfilled it is no one else responsibility but yours. Know you have the power to change your circumstances.

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