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Creating Habits of Success

In the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the mind and how I work I have been fascinated with how myself and others operate. I believe that it is important to understand how we function, in order to achieve our full potential. It has been said that we are creatures of habit, I remember a manager I had a few years ago said this phrase to me countless times. I did not quite understand the saying then as I do now. As I think about the term habit, I am lead to believe habits are what makes us function in our day to day lives. We form the habit of having a cup of coffee or simple taking a shower everyday. Think about our daily route to work we daydream and talk on the phone, the point is we put very little conscious effort into driving and still arrive to our destination. Our minds have almost unconsciously guides us through these task. We don’t even have to make much of an effort or even think about the task we do daily because they are embedded in our subconscious mind. So my thought is if our minds are capable of unconsciously completing and guiding us through our day to day task, why can’t our minds do the same in leading us into the path we truly desire. The thing is our minds are more then capable of doing just that, and that is the reason I believe that it is vitally important to train your mind to create habits that will produce the kind of results we want out of life. Meaning if one wants to be a writer, that means they must write daily to create an unconscious habit. Creating unconscious habits is the key to succeeding in any field of work or hobby. When you do a task so many times you become unconsciously competent, therefore when it is time to display what you have learned you are more then prepared and ready. Practice truly makes perfect, you must do your craft daily to achieve the results you desire.

I hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to take every opportunity to create habits that will yield you the type of results you desire. If you are a writer write daily if you are an athlete train daily. You must get to a place where you are operating in unconscious competence.

Continue to grow in your dreams yours truly.


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